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Our Committees

Our volunteer committees make day-to-day activities and major events at the congregation possible. Many are actively seeking new volunteers.  

Arts Committee - Gallery Lev Shalem

Contact: Cornelia Seckel


Cemetery Committee

As a service to members in good standing, the Woodstock Jewish Congregation makes plots available in our section at Montrepose Cemetery in Kingston. If you wish to pre-plan and purchase a plot, please contact Dee Graziano. Plots are $900 each.

Contact: Judy Lewis ([email protected])


Chesed Circle

Contact: Gwen Tapper

Tikkun Olam – Feeding the Hungry

The Chesed Circle's Tikkun Olam Task Force works in the wider community helping to feed the hungry and engaging in other social action projects, including the soup kitchen, food pantry, and semi-annual food drives.


Congregational Learning Committee

A group of volunteers who actively participate in the organization of all of our educational offerings for children, teens, adults and families.

Contact: Matt White or Stacy Mapstone ([email protected])


Finance Committee

Contact: Laurie Slavin, Board Treasurer


Fundraising Committee

Organizes fundraising events big and small throughout the year, including our Annual Yard Sale and Keter Shem Tov.

Contact: Michele Lerner ([email protected])


House Committee

Oversees our building and beautifies our grounds. Volunteers always welcome!

Building Committee: Kathi Wood

Garden Task Force: Stacey Brooks 


Membership Committee

Welcomes new members, plans the New Member Shabbat, matches our newest members with established members and finds new and interesting ways for members to feel welcome and involved.

Contact: Laura Kaplan at (845) 679-5896 or [email protected]


Personnel Committee

Welcomes questions and comments about employment and current staff.

Contact: George Swain


Ritual Committee

Contact: Gail Albert at [email protected] or (845) 679-6971


The Task Force to End the New Jim Crow

The Woodstock Jewish Congregation Task Force to End the New Jim Crow has the mission of alerting the Jewish community, within our synagogue and beyond, to the reality of mass incarceration as a new form of racial control in our country, as described and documented in Michelle Alexander’s remarkable book, The New Jim Crow.

Our hope is to join and strengthen the public discussion about police stop-and-frisk policies, about the War on Drugs and its discriminatory impact, about how racism functions in a “post-racial” America–and to help change policies within the criminal justice system through dialogue, outreach to people working within that system, and public mobilization.

Contact: P. Chana Lunior ([email protected]) or Susan Griss ([email protected])